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Unlimited Video Editing

Subscription-based Video Editing

Take The Guesswork Out of Video Marketing Budgets

Video isn't a one-trick pony, or a "set it and forget it" part of modern businesses. It's an ongoing cost of time, money and resources.

Unlimited Video. Unlimited Results. One Monthly Fee.

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$ 900 / Month

Unlimited videos at a flat-fee. If you need more than one video or are looking at regular monthly work this is a great option.

  • 24-48 Hour Turn Around
  • Unlimited Versions
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Stock Footage
  • Lower Thirds and Animation
  • Captions and Subtitles
  • IG Reels Versions
  • #shorts Versions
  • Custom YouTube Thumbnails
  • YouTube Channel Audit
  • YouTube Channel Management
  • YouTube SEO & Strategy 
  • Formatted for Any Social Media
  • Dedicated Video Editor

$ 810 / Month

Save $270 by paying quarterly 

Unlimited videos and video editing at a huge discount on the monthly or individual plan.

  • 24-48 Hour Turn Around
  • Unlimited Versions
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Stock Footage
  • Lower Thirds and Animation
  • Captions and Subtitles
  • IG Reels Versions
  • #shorts Versions
  • Custom YouTube Thumbnails
  • YouTube Channel Audit
  • YouTube Channel Management
  • YouTube SEO & Strategy 
  • Formatted for Any Social Media
  • Dedicated Video Editor
YouTubers's Annual

$ $720 / Month

Save $2,160 by paying annually.

For you, video isn't a one-off thing. It's a weekly, monthly, and annual commitment. Pay only once a year for unlimited youtube videos over a year!

  • 24-48 Hour Turn Around
  • Unlimited Versions
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Stock Footage
  • Lower Thirds and Animation
  • Captions and Subtitles
  • IG Reels Versions
  • #shorts Versions
  • Custom YouTube Thumbnails
  • YouTube Channel Audit
  • YouTube Channel Management
  • YouTube SEO & Strategy 
  • Formatted for Any Social Media
  • Dedicated Video Editor
Wicked Fast Turnarounds

You’re hiring a video editor to save you time. Why wait for slow edits?

24-48 hours between drafts!

Dedicated Video Editor

No phone-tree to get through. One Go-To Guy to edit all your videos.

Chat, Slack, Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, Zoom. Your preference.

Expert Video Consulting

We’ll help you improve your recording techniques, scripting, and branding for better quality videos.

More than a decade of experience crafting engaging content!

No Surprises

No mystery costs. No high-running hourly rates. Promise.

Clear deadlines, expectation, communication and results.

Save Money

Premium video content creation with a set monthly fee.

Pay Quarterly or Annuallyl to pay even less!

Branded Content

Your videos say a lot about your business.

We'll not only keep you on brand, but we'll help you curate your content for the best foot forward.

Grow Your Brand

Reach your superfans, engage your audience and ignite growth!

Let us edit your videos, and you focus on what you do best for your business!

Grow Your Channel

Low views and subscribers is a thing of the past.

With every aspect of your channel, we'll help you grow - thumbnails, SEO, and even content ideas.

Grow Your Pipeline

Inconsistency kills channels and marketing plans.

Stay consistent by creating a schedule of regular content.


About your Next project.



Send the files to me online or via a hard copy in the mail


24-48 Hours

In just 24-48 hours receive your Rough Draft, ready for your review.


Unlimited Revisions

We’ll keep working on the video until you’re happiest with it.


Final Delivery

You’ve just outsourced video editing successfully!


Next in the Queue

And we move onto the next video in the queue!

Frequently Asked Questions


100%. You are entitled to unlimited videos per month. Every video you submit goes into a queue. Once we finish one video, we move on to the next. If possible, we’ll even work on multiple videos at once.

However, it should be kept in mind that it takes about 1-2 days (24 to 48 hours) to turn around a draft. So, could you conceivably get dozens of videos done in a month? Sure! Just depends on how many times you send it back with edit requests, which are also unlimited by the way.

The “Unlimited” Plans is for “Unlimited Video Editing”. So, while we will provide stock footage, royalty free music, and basic animation to make your video amazing, these plans are not built for “Video Production” where you will need assets created, videography services, or high-level animation. If you need these services, check out our Inferno Bundles for a quote for full production.

The point of “Unlimited” is to not limit what you can do in a month. However, somethings are also not humanly possible such as altering space-time. Computers still take time to render video. Internet still takes time to upload and download. Time still passes linearly.

So, if you have 30 hours worth of raw, unedited footage for me to go through, you can expect at least 30 hours of me sitting in front of a computer going over your footage – especially if that video includes dialogue.

There is also the limits of legality. I will try very hard to find any song you want to use in your video, but Copyright Laws do protect artists and corporations. So, it may be possible that the version of a popular song you want in your YouTube Ad might not be available. I can, however, track down legal “sound-alike” songs or artists, as well as media.

And finally, the limit of video itself. If the video didn’t get it, there’s a chance that no amount of editing will get it. Badly recored audio? Noisy space? Bad lighting? Send me the footage and we’ll see what we can do to the best of what’s humanly possible

There are extra options, but no extra costs. These plans are for Unlimited Video Editing, which means there needs to be videos to edit. If you’re looking for us to create custom assets, record VoiceOvers, or do more high-level animation, there could be further costs. But, we’d discuss that only when and if it happened.

You retain all rights to the raw video, the finished video and all the royalty free video footage, music and animations that come along with it. You can post it anywhere you need to without fear of copyright or licensing claims.

The only thing that we ask is the right use the finished video in promotional material like posting to our social media pages or a highlight reel to show off your awesome stuff!

You can request not to allow this, however, and we are happy to comply with NDAs or other agreements upon discussion.

We understand that sometimes things just don’t work out, no matter how hard we tried. Regardless of the plan you choose (Custom, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually) you are entitled to a Pro-Rated refund based on the amount of work already completed and the term left on your subscription within 14-days of purchase.

A computer algorithm is used to calculate this amount.

Though, we hope it never comes to this! With unlimited versions, we’ll be sure to get it right

This includes the day-to-day operation of your YouTube Page including, but not limited to:
  • SEO and Keyword Research
  • Channel Art Creation
  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Tags/Descriptions
  • Replying to Comments (upon request)
  • Posting Videos
  • Building a YouTube Strategy With You
  • COPPA compliance
  • Helping You Grow Your Channel
For all plans, I will attempt to find Royalty Free Stock Footage on the web that is for commercial or non-commercial use on free websites. These are limited, however, in quality and depth.

You retain all rights to the finished video and the raw, unedited video. However, project files belong to us to protect the integrity of our work. If you would like the project files, for an extra fee they can be licensed or turned over to you outright.

Blazing Video Solutions is a service provided by Blazing Web Services, a USA-based business. We’re located in Western Massachusetts, so we are set squarely in the Eastern Time Zone. We work when you work and are available for questions Monday through Sunday.

After you’ve selected a plan and made your first payment, we get to work immediately. I’ll send you a form to fill out where you can explain what you’re looking for. After that we’ll converse in whatever format is easiest for you. Email? Chat? WhatsApp? Text? Phone calls? Slack? Evernote? Frame.io? Google Hangouts? Whatever works best for you.

Then, we’ll set up how to get your videos to me.

Usually, in just a few hours, we’re set to go on your first project.

We specialize in YouTube and Social Media style video, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t worn different hats. You can get videos edited in the following styles:

  • Promotional Video
  • Business Video
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Event Recap Video
  • Social Media Video
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Travel Videos
  • Commercials (even submitting to Television and Cable Networks)
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • College Application Videos
  • Anniversary Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Educational Video
  • Whiteboard Video
  • Cooking Video
  • Fitness Video
  • Vlog

Anything else we missed? Just ask!

Videos we do not do:

  • Birthday/Bar-mitzvah/Holiday
  • Political Ads or Campaigns
  • Adult Content and Pornography
We’ll never knowingly use Copyrighted Media in a project. If you provide video that you do not own the rights to, Blazing Web Services is not subject to liability. You are solely responsible in this case.

Should any of the materials we provided receive a claim, we will work with you to acquire the necessary proof for licensing.

Videos will be prepared in any format you require. By default we go with .mov or .mp4 because these are the most readily used on the Web. If you require a specific format, we will work with those. Let us know what services you are posting your videos to (Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) and we’ll adjust the videos to those specific channels.

Most certainly we do! Vertical video is getting a lot of attention right now. We even offer repurposing your content into shorter videos for Social Media to get the most out of your content.


We believe there is a time and a place for such tools. There are caveats and benefits. While we do use the tools ourselves, we respect that some businesses do not, and we will abide by those terms.

Need More?

Upgrade to the Inferno Bundle!

Take your videos to the ultimate level with the Inferno Bundle. This includes everything from the Unlimited Video Editing, but isn't just limited to Editing. We're talking full on custom creation!

• Strategy Sessions
• 3D Animation
• 2D Animation
• VoiceOvers
• Script Writing
• Videography
• One Day Turn Arounds
• Team Training
• Plan Pause/Start
• Instagram Reels from Long-form video
• YouTube Shorts from Long-form video

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Blazing Video Solutions is a service provided by Blazing Web Services.

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